Turn It In


At first i had some difficulties with this assignment. The issues that i had with this assignment was not finding the articles but the website for Turnitin. When I went to the website and register for the class for the first time it kept asking me for the class code and class password. I did not know this information nor did I know where to find it. Finally I figured out after 12 hours how to get it to work. After the 12 hours of working that one issue out the assignment was easy. The first version that I turned in was 6 pages long and was 99% copyrighted. The second version that I turned in, which is the one that we had to write our self was 0%. I will say that I have always been one who either tries to put things in my own words who I will use quotes throughout the whole paper. I was taught when I was in school that you are allowed to use three words in a row without having to use quotation marks. I hope that I was taught correctly and found this system to be very easy to use. I do not think that I will use it in the future though because I do not even know what I will be teaching. I know that I wish to teach so that I may be off when my children are out of school but my real passion is to help patients and change peoples lives.

Version I


Version II







What have you learned from this online class? Describe your learning experience briefly.

This online course has not only taught me how to use computer programs that i never knew about but it taught me how to do things on my own computer that I did not know it could even do. I have never before needed to use the function keys until we had to use the print screen for an assignment. While the directions did not work for my H.P. I did manage to figure it out and get the print screen to work in order to use Power Point. Not only did I learn how to use the function keys but i learned how to make a Power Point and change the ease of access from the control panel on my computer. The class has taught me more things that i will remember or ever use. I am the type of person who must use something more than once a year in order to remember it and currently the line of work that I am in does not allow nor require me to use this type of computer software.

What were your weak and strong points? Explain.

Normally, my strong points are turning in assignments long before they are due, completing task far beyond expectations, and exceeding my own expectations but this semester could not have been any further from that. This semester I discovered while my husband is deployed that I have a Pseudotumor and I am currently under going treatment. By strong points have always been keeping my head up high and finishing everything that i start not matter the outcome. Sometimes it is not how you finish but making sure that you do. In this case I know that it is very important in how i finish but I also know that my health is very important. With no family or friends to discuss this with I must stay strong and keep my head high.

How did you like the interaction between you and your peers, you and instructor? Explain in details. Provide examples if necessary.

The students in this class have been amazing. The help that they demonstrated during the group project was beyond what could possibly be expected. I will be honest that this is the most demanding online class i have ever had though. One issue i had is with the first online meeting. The original handout i printed had an online meeting time set for one time which i printed out and then later it was changed to a later time. I did not notice this until later and had already schedule an event. The teacher was understand along with my friends and i just logged in with everyone at my house and allowed them to listen to the lecture at the same time that i was entertaining a houseful of people. The members of my group were wonderful. Very helpful and without them I would not have been able to do what i did.

Reflect on the communication tools used in this class. From your experience, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the communication tool you used most. Provide examples if necessary.

This class required us to use Google Drive more than I have ever used it for any other class. This was the first class that I have ever sued Google Drive for and because of this class I was actually able to use it for a group project that I had in another class. I do find it to be very time consuming though and think that I would just use my Drop box App which is already installed on my phone, tablet, and lap top instead of Drop box because it does the same thing as Google drive but i do not have to upload the files to it. I have my phone automatically set to upload any files I compose, record, or take pictures of and place into my Drop box. Perhaps because I am use to the Drop box I will stick with it. I think that some of the disadvantages of Google drive is that links of sharing. If i do not have a webpage or blog page than I have to have the direct email to send the url link in order for someone to view. This is a huge hassle and headache when I could just use my Drop box and access it from anywhere.

Finally discuss your experiences with blogfolio. What aspects of blogfolio do you like most or least? Explain in details.

Oh my goodness! Where do I start? I can say that I know for a fact I will never find myself making a blog page unless I have to. I find it to time consuming for me. Perhaps because I am not sure what I am going to teach or how it pertains to me but I found the blog page to be very demanding. To work 40 hours a week , then go to sporting events 4-5 days a week, to be mom and dad while my husband is deployed, and to get diagnosed with a medical condition that I had no clue was coming it is just a lot. I know that people do way more and they do it every day and it seems like excuses but for me this was a lot to take on when you find out that you have fluid around your brain and you are only 27. So to say the least I do not know how to deal with keeping up with a blog page and everything else right now. I do not know how this relates to my line of work because currently i work in the medical field and I have not even started to teach in a classroom setting except for a few substitute classes. The one things that I do like about blogging is being able to read the comments that others post. I am not one who likes to read, in fact i hate it and never do it unless i have to but I love to read what other classmates have to post about my blog postings.

Assistive Technology

Being my very first Power Point, my very first print screen, and a lot of first I would have to say that all and I think that I did an okay job on this project. It took me way longer than I was thinking that it was going to due to the fact that a lot of the instructions on the print out did not work on my computer. I am using a Microsoft processing system but some of the key steps were not correct for my lap top. Some of these include having to push the ALT and print screen button. On my computer this needed to be the function and print screen. Also I did not need to hold down on the Num Lock button in order to make the tone work, mine does it my simply pressing a button. There were a few other issues that I ran into which is why I have come to the conclusion that this class is one that I have now come to see I would have been better off being in a classroom setting for. There are just far to many things that I personally do not know on a computer or are different on my computer than the instruction sheets stated to do. This assignment was perhaps the most difficult for me due to all of the steps that did not follow step by step as i read them.

On a positive note though I do see how this is very useful to know for children in a classroom setting. No child should ever feel as though they are being left out. At the same time the changes that this makes to a computer makes it very obvious that a child does have challenges when it comes to different tasks. I wonder if a child who has special needs really feels that this helps or hinders them?




Webisite Construction


I found this assignment to be one that would be very useful if someone was teaching at a higher grade level. I am not sure that this would be useful though for a teacher at an elementary, middle, or even high school. I found this is to be an assignment that was easy to follow directions and the set up of the website was very user friendly. Overall the instructions were very step by step and made it easy to do. The only thing that i had problems with were finding the create folder because for some reasons I have to type in Google Drive in my key words in order to recover mine and I ran into the same problem when trying to create the website.

I did like how it made the formatting simple enough for even me who has never had to make a website nor needed to make a website easy to understand. I can say though that i do not see myself using a lot of the things that I have done in this class. I do not even know what I am going to be teaching let alone what grade. Right now I am more worried about getting through with this semester and figuring out the next step in my recovery. I know that may sound bad but I did may website on teachers in the art room because I honestly do not see myself in a typical classroom setting. I see myself being that teacher who gives extra credit, who does hands on fund learning times,who teaches outside, and thinks outside of the box. I love to explore and love the unlimited ways of thinking. I love the new methods that i have learned but find them hard to relate to.

Online Grading and Test Maker


While this assignment was perhaps the most time consuming it was perhaps one of the easiest ones for me. It was however one that I really had to take a good amount of time and think about what I was going to do because as I have made it clear over and over I am not in a class room setting and I do not know what I will be teaching in the future. I really am going into teaching so that I can off when my children are off. So that I can be the parent who still goes to every P. t.o. meeting, team mom for ever sporting event that her child is in, at ever game or after school event, goes to every field trip, and has the whole summer off when her children are off. I have not really though about a certain subject that I would like to teach so I choose to do this assignment based on an art class. My quiz was not difficult to make because I based it off of what an art class would learn and also short answer questions. I found the test making to be very easy and the formatting of it to be very useful. I think that this system could come in very handy when in a classroom setting and I have even saved the user name and password for future uses.

As for the track star system, I am not so sure about that. I have found in my own use and history with other parents that I know that most parents do not use online resources when given them by the teachers. My child finishes his homework at school and very seldom comes home with work that he must complete at home. The only benefit that I really see to using track star is if I was going to teach a class over and over and use the same material every time. If this was the case then I could set up the site with the main points and web pages for key points and information for older students to research and they could work ahead. I do not think that this would be something useful for younger children though.

Online Rubric


Online Quiz


Online Answer Sheet for Quiz


Link for Track Star


Multimedia/Hypermedia: One in the Same



Before one can discuss what is needed for hypermedia and multimedia it is important to understand what hyper and multimedia are. First i will be reviewing the main definitions of each and then for the remaining parts of this explanation i will be using the term hypermedia when discussing skills and resources required. Multimedia is the combination of media or the use of multiple media devices and hypermedia is interactive media but today more and more people are using these terms interchangeable with one another.

Today in an ever changing society that is based off of technology and web based interaction it is important to know how to use multimedia and hypermedia software. Some of the skills that are lacking and need more motivation in order to inspire our future generations are increased motivation, flexible learning modes, new development of critical and creative skills, and improved process and writing skills. This can be achieved by the use of hypermedia programs being used in the classroom to increase the amount of motivation not only for the teaching staff but for the children. By introducing interactive learning software into the classroom students can have the opportunity to learn while enjoying the materials. This will allow the students a chance to feel as though that are not being forced to learn the material but rather play a learning game.

A way to increase the resources and skills of flexible learning modes in the classrooms through hypermedia would be the use of programs that allow students and teachers to use programs that work together when trying to relate with a child who can not understand or demonstrate one skill but can when it is presented in another format. For example, if a student lacks writing skills but excels in artistic ways than a hypermedia program could allow a student to choose different pictures and place them or draw them free handed in order to say without words what they are trying to explain but can not write properly.

In order to keep teachers and students on top of their skills it is important to constantly challenge and keep them learning. This is possible by using new and creative along with critical resources that hypermedia programs have to offer when used inside of the classroom. Software programs offer challenging programs that students can follow such as a scavenger hunt. This method would not only allow teachers the opportunity to place customizable learning material that is suited to the material they are teaching but it will allow younger students the opportunity to feel as though they are playing a game instead of being forced to learn another boring lesson plan.

Perhaps the best way to integrate hypermedia into the classroom is through improving students writing skills. Every student no matter the age seems to have issues with their writing skills. I know that i still struggle with this and even dread having to write papers myself. Having a software program that would allow a student the chance to feel as though they are learning without being knocked down would not only make it easier for the teachers but easier for the teachers. The use of hypermedia can improve a students way of thinking, allow for new ideas, and help a student to better format their ideas.


How Music, Art, and Special Education Work Together


While I have mentioned it before, I will mention it once again, I have never really been in a classroom setting. I have done a few days of substitute teaching here and there but nothing to base my assignments off of what i have done or what i am going to teach. I have however played the violin for many of years and i have always had a passion and love for music. So when it comes to ways to integrate technology into music and art, well lets just say that it gets my attention. In a previous piece i went into some details about ways and the importance of how once could go about this so in this posting I will be speaking about different strategies and techniques that a teacher and colleague could use in their own classroom or home setting.

Some of the challenges that teachers face when it comes to music and art are meeting the standards  that training requires. Well i question why are we so worried about the technical side of music and art if what children today are seeking is not what string plays what note but rather how one distorts their voice to sound like a singer on the radio. I believe that it is very important to teach children the fundamentals behind the arts but i also believe that since we now live in a society that is based off of technological advancements and ever changing ways it is important to teach children every form of art that there is.

Some of the ways that teachers can now do this is by using keyboards and synthesizers, they can take students on virtual tours of places that they would have never been able to see before due to funding or time restraints, students can now make their own web based displays, or musical software.

Not only is this beneficial for the teaching staff but this is a huge advancement for children with special needs. By allowing schools the funding and tools required to take virtual tools a child will no longer be limited because of mobility, a child will be able to experience everything that his or her fellow pers are and at the same time. Advancements in technology are not only beneficial for the teaching staff but for the children as well.

Some of the same issues that your child is more than likely having right now are the same issues that a child with special needs is having every day. One day your child comes home and tells you that they could not use the scissors at school because every pair was for right handed children and your child is left handed. No big deal you say, you will just go to the store and buy them a pair of their own. Now image that your child comes home one day from school and says that they could not use the computer today because none of the computer has speech recognition. No big deal you say because your child speaks clearly but for a child with a special need and the parent of this child it is a big deal. This is an example of some of the daily struggles that children are facing everyday that most people look over.

By integrating more and more technology into that classroom not only are we assisting the teachers but we are assisting the students and helping them in pursing their higher level of education. No matter what field a teacher decides to go into there are always going to be challenges and just like all others there is a lack of properly trained personnel. Not only is the training an issue but having a uniformed design for learning is an issue across the board. Once the systems can all join together and come to an agreeance on the materials to use and how to use them it will not only become more uniformed but it will also benefit the children which is the key importance.